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Sailing with the two-masted klipper Averechts is an experience you will not soon forget. With this 4-star ship you can make beautiful sailing trips on the Wadden Sea and the IJsselmeer. Both below deck and on deck there is plenty of space and it is very comfortable. You will really enjoy this!

For all requirements and types of weather we have options!
You are invited to help hoist the sails, steer and navigate.

Experience with your company along with skipper couple Tom and Karin a great sailing adventure.

Welcome on board!


The home port is Harlingen. The ship has a very comfortable layout. The 30 beds are all 2 meters long and have enough height so that you do not immediately hit your head when you sit up straight! They are spread over 11 cabins: 7×2 and 4×4 persons. There are four showers and four toilets. There is a fully fitted kitchen with oven, refrigerator and freezer, a comfortable dayroom with sound system and there is also a beer tap.
Outside it is very comfortable to sit in the large compartment or on the deck.

The ship’s crew speaks: Dutch, German and English.

In the ship’s lounge is present:
A cozy guest room with beer tap, guitar, karaoke facilities, wifi, and a good stereo system with iPod connection.

In the galley: 6 large cooking flames, dishwasher, a large oven, two sinks, three refrigerators of about 150 liters and a freezer, various pots and pans, cutlery, crockery and glasses available. You can take care of themselves on board all ships themselves.

On board of each ship there are mattresses, mattress covers, pillows and pillowcases. You just need to bring a sleeping bag.


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Weekend € 3,090.00
Short Weekend € 2,800.00
Daytrip € 1,900.00
Midweek € 4,700.00
Week € 6,950.00
3 Holidays € 4,550.00
4 Holidays € 5,160.00

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Properties Averechts

Type Ship Klipper
Capacity 50 persons (day trip)
30 berths
Length 36.85 meter
Width 6.20 meter
Sail Surface 450.00 m²
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Averechts in the picture

Extra information about the Averechts

Harlingen, beautifully located on the Wadden Sea, for many years the home of the most of our ships. To view the mooring of ships click here. Also in this file more information about parking in Harlingen and route to Harlingen  increasing.

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Weekend 10-12 of June: Embarkation: Friday, June 10, 16.00 in Harlingen Disembarkation: Sunday, June 12, 16.00 in Harlingen. Weekend 17-19 of June: Embarkation: Friday, June 19, 16.00 in Harlingen.  Disembarkation: Sunday, June 21, 16.00 in Harlingen. Arrival Friday at 16:00pm we depart from Harlingen to Terschelling. En route to the beautiful Terschelling, you can enjoy a hot meal. When we arrive at Terschelling, you can go straight into the festivities Oerol offers. Friday and Saturday night you stay overnight on board the ship. On both Saturday and Sunday morning we provide you with a delicious breakfast. Return On Sunday we expect you back on board at 12:00 o’clock. Then it’s time to  hoist the sails again and set sail back to Harlingen. On the way to Harlingen a delicious lunch is provided for you! Price This Oerolfestival package costs € 195, – per person. This includes 2 breakfasts, Friday evening a hot…

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Looking to go on a sailing weekend? It’s possible with Rederij Vooruit! Enjoy a memorable weekend of sailing with your group on the Wadden Sea or the IJsselmeer. Rederij Vooruit offers you a range of different sailing ships. There is a suitable ship for every group. See the sails stretch out in the wind, hear the seagulls and feel the light splashes of water. This is going to be a sailing weekend you’ll never forget. We offer two types of sailing weekends: A sailing weekend: from 8:00pm Friday to 5:00pm Sunday A short sailing weekend: from 5:00pm Friday to 5:00pm Saturday or from 5:00pm Saturday to 5:00pm Sunday.* * unless otherwise agreed upon Suggested sailing weekends: A sailing weekend from Harlingen You arrive onboard on Friday evening or possibly Saturday morning. We greet the guests, allocate the quarters and briefly introduce ourselves. On Saturday the day will begin around 9:30am…

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