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Sailing weekend

Head out for a sailing weekend on a traditional ship from Rederij Vooruit!
Explore the undeniable beauty of the Wadden Sea, Lake IJssel and the Frisian Lakes, with friends, family or even the company.

Short weekend
Friday 5 PM to Saturday 5 PM.
Saturday 5 PM to Saturday 5 PM.

Sailing weekend
Friday 8 PM to Sunday 5 PM.

Suggestions for a sailing weekend

Sailing weekend from Harlingen

You board the ship on either Friday evening or Saturday morning.
On Saturday, we set sail around 10 AM and turn the helm towards Terschelling. On our way to the island, the skipper will sail the ship as close as possible along the sand bank between Vlieland and Terschelling, where a group of 50 to 70 seals can be seen relaxing on the banks.
Saturday evening calls for a night out in one of the many bars on the island, or maybe just a romantic walk on the beach.
The next morning around 10 AM, we ready ourselves for the journey back and will arrive in Harlingen at 5 PM.

Sailing weekend from Zoutkamp

A warm welcome aboard awaits you on either Friday evening or Saturday morning.
We lift the anchor at 10 AM the next morning and will make an active trip to Ameland or Schiermonnikoog.
Both islands invite you to explore its beautiful nature, the many sights and endless beaches.
We set sail for Zoutkamp again around 10 AM, where we will arrive at 5 PM, after a great day of sailing.

Sailing weekend from Den Over

On Friday evening or Saturday morning, the captain will welcome you aboard the ship.
The next morning around 10 AM, we will sail to the island of Texel or the medieval city of Medemblik.
With Texel being very popular amongst nature lovers, we definitely suggest a tour across the island, either by bike or horse.
Sunday at 10 AM, we leave for Den Oever again, where we will go ashore around 5 PM.

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