Popular sailing packages for groups and families

Become part of the crew

Our skippers are always eager to participate in sailing competitions!
Get on board, join the crew and feel what it’s like to sail a real sailing race.

No sailing experience needed

At Rederij Vooruit, we think sailing is for everyone.
Whether you are a seasoned sailor or have never even set foot on a boat before, our sailing deals are easy to join. During the race it is up to everyone to roll up their sleeves and help the crew sail the ship across the finish line. In order to help with all kinds of on board sailing activities, the skipper and crew will happily teach you all the tricks of the trade.
Feel the excitement at the start, help hoist the sails and taste the adrenaline of racing a ship!

Stay on board

Most sailing races concern a one day event, but are part of a weekend deal to really let you experience the true art of sailing a traditional clipper or barge.
During this weekend, you will stay in a comfortable ship’s cabin below deck. Cabins are shared with other participants, though an upgrade to a single room is available for additional costs.
All ships have a day room with central heating, a kitchen and on board sanitary facilities.

More information

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