Come have dinner in Restaurant de Admirael in Harlingen!

Rederij Vooruit invites her guests to enjoy a nice gourmet- and fondue dinner in her own restaurant near the port of Harlingen, prior to or after the sailing trip.
A great way to start or finish a memorable stay in Holland.


Our cosy restaurant is located within walking distance of the port of Harlingen, where all of our ships are docked.
We exclusively open for guests of Rederij Vooruit, serving fixed menus in fun-cooking style.

The concept of fun-cooking is as easy as it is fun; you get to do the baking yourself!
A cooking set with little burners is put in the middle of the table, with little pans to go with it.
We then fill your table with all sorts of ingredients, such as small pieces of meat, fresh vegetables, salads, baguettes and sauces, and light the burners.
In other words, everyone’s a chef in Restaurant de Admirael.


Restaurant de Admirael offers a rich choice in delicious fun-cooking menus.
For those who want to experience Dutch delicacies, we recommend ordering our cheese fondue or meat gourmet.
Also a stone grill dinner can be arranged, while kids enjoy themselves with a pancake party.


Should you have any diet requests or special wishes, then please contact us by clicking the button below.