Port Heeg

The village of Heeg is truly a unique place to visit. It is surrounded by some of the largest lakes and canals of the province of Friesland, such as the Heeger Lake, the Fluessen and the Johan Friso Canal. This location made it grow into a prominent water sports village, attracting many tourists in spring […]

Port Galamadammen

Port Galamadammen is a township, located near the small village of Koudum. From here you can make the most wonderful sailing trips on Lake IJssel and the Frisian Lakes. Of course crossing the Afsluitdijk to the Wadden Sea is a recommended option as well, simply contact us for more information. The name Galamadammen derives from the Galama […]

Port Lelystad

Lelystad is the capital of the Dutch province Flevoland. The city is named after the engineer of the famous Afsluitdijk, Cornelis Lely. Situated at Lake IJssel, Marker Lake and the Wadden Sea, it is the perfect starting point for a wonderful sailing trip. Step aboard and discover the beauty of the Netherlands! Built on a seabed […]

Port Den Oever

Den Oever is a fishing village in the Dutch province North-Holland. Situated at the beautiful Wadden Sea as well as Lake IJssel, it is the perfect boarding place for your sailing trip! Port Den Oever is known for its lively trade in fish, with shrimp-fishing being their top enterprise. Fish and sea food still gets auctioned off on […]

Port Zoutkamp

While most of our ships set out from home port Harlingen, boarding your ship in port Zoutkamp is also an option. Located in the province of Groningen, Zoutkamp offers numerous possibilities for great sailing trips on the Wadden Sea and the German Wads. Zoutkamp often serves as a starting point for cruises to the Wadden Islands Ameland and […]

Port Enkhuizen

Enkhuizen is a city in the province of North-Holland. This picturesque city is not far from the Houtribdijk; a large dam separating Lake IJssel from the Marker Lake. Perfectly situated along Lake IJssel, the city makes an ideal starting point for your sailing trip, to which even a tour to the Wadden Sea and the […]

Port Grou

In the very heart of Friesland lies the village of Grou. Located near the Pik Lake and the Princess Margriet Canal, port Grou is an ideal starting point for wonderful sailing trips over the Frisian rivers. Combine your sailing adventure with a visit to one of the many historical cities and villages around the Frisian lakes, such […]

Port Harlingen

The majority of our sailing ships set out from our home port Harlingen. Located right near the beautiful Wadden Sea, port Harlingen is the best place to start your sailing trip. With the Afsluitdijk closeby, Lake IJssel and the Frisian Lakes are easily reached as well. Step aboard our traditional ships and explore the Netherlands! Port […]

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