Stichting Garantiefonds Reisgelden (SGR)

SGR is the Dutch guarantee fund for prepaid travel money, that protects consumers against financial loss in case their tour operator or travel agent ceases its operations due to its financial failure on package travel and linked travel arrangements.
Under its guarantee scheme, SGR covers package travel, accommodation booked separately and transport booked separately, except airline tickets booked separately.
When the agreement concerns transport and you have already reached the scheduled destination, arrangements are made to ensure you of a transfer home.

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Algemene Nederlandse Vereniging van Reisondernemingen (ANVR)

Translated, ANVR stands for the Dutch Association of Travel Agents. This agency elevates the quality of trips and safeguards their information. In case of bankruptcy of an affiliate, the ANVR makes sure you will be reimbursed according to the right conditions.
Rederij Vooruit is registered under number 05571 and VAT-number NL 8006.53.798.B.01.


Rederij is also associated with the Calamiteitenfonds; a fund founded to compensate consumers for the extra costs during their trip due to a catastrophe (natural disasters or molest (acts of war and comparable)).
Under its guarantee scheme, the Calamiteitenfonds covers bookings made by consumers with companies participating in the Calamiteitenfonds.

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