Sailing trips

Sailing on a traditional ship is an amazing experience.
The salty sea wind blowing through your hair, the sound of the water against the bow and the pink sky during sunset.
You can experience it all on a sailing trips with Rederij Vooruit.

We offer a wide range of exciting tours and arrangement, with numerous extra’s you can add to your trip.
Whether you’re looking for a company teambuilding cruise, a family getaway or a school trip to the Netherlands, Rederij Vooruit will always provide you with the perfect ship.

Ship ahoy!

The best part of the tour is the fact that you get to help out sailing the ship.
Under the watchful eye of the skipper you will learn everything about steering, knots and navigation. Plus you also get to go behind the wheel yourself!

Our sailing arrangements are a very popular choice for school trips and work weeks.
Because of the pleasant environment, students will therefor effortlessly go through the classes and educational programs can be built around specific subjects such as history, biology and geography.

Custom-made sailing trips

Do you have any specific wishes or your own ideas?
Don’t hesitate to contact us as we will do everything within our reach to meet your requests.

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