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Rederij Vooruit offers a wide range of different sailing deals over the Wadden Sea and Lake IJssel.
How about an all-inclusive Easter weekend on one of our ships? Or a memorable family sailing trip on the Wadden Sea, including a visit to the Wadden Islands?

The hikers among us are most welcome to join one of the Wadden Trips or our weekend for the Berenloop walk on Terschelling, and for lovers of culture and music we have put together a special deal for the Oerol festival.

Sailing along with a race

Our skippers are always eager to participate in sailing competitions and Holland knows quite a few!
such as the Brandaris Race and the Klipper Race. During the race it is up to everyone to roll up their sleeves and help the crew sail the ship across the finish line.
When signing up for a race, it is not necessary  to have any sailing experience; the skipper will happily teach you all the tricks of the trade,
so you can help with all kinds of sailing activities. Feel the excitement before the start, watch the sails being hoist and taste the pure adrenaline at the start of the race.

Get on board, join the crew and experience what it’s like to sail a real sailing race!

The right ship for every group

Rederij Vooruit has the right ship for every occasion.
Many of our deals can be booked on a ship of your choice and adjustments or special wishes are always open for discussion. During a day trip, 14 guests board our smallest ships. The largest ships of the fleet can accommodate up to 60 people. It is also possible to spend the night on board on most ships, comfortable sleeping accommodation is offered to groups of 12 to 37 people.

Whether you are planning a family day or a business trip, we promise you an unforgettable sailing trip on the Wadden Sea or Lake IJssel.

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