The Wadden Sea is famous for its stunning beauty and diverse wildlife, but also for the remarkable tidal zones along the coast.
No wonder this sea has been on the UNESCO World Heritage list since 2009!

Explore the impressive Dutch Wadden Sea area with a traditional sailing ship from Rederij Vooruit and make your visit to Holland a trip to remember.

Explore The Wadden Sea and Lake IJssel

Our fleet is based in the Frisian city Harlingen and sails over the Wadden Sea, Lake IJssel and the many lakes of the Dutch province Friesland.
All of them have a lot to offer, from an educational visit to Ecomare, a peek inside the bunkers of the Casemate Museum on the Afsluitdijk or climbing all steps of a real lighthouse.

For those who prefer to embark on an active, outdoor adventure, the Wadden Islands are the place to go. Here you can go hiking in the dunes, rent a sand buggy or stroll over the endless beaches while the sun slowly sets. And when on Texel, we dare you to sign up for a sky dive or parachute jump from a plane!

A sailing holiday cottage

Booking a ship is like going to a regular vacation home; your rented accommodation is fitted with everything you need for a pleasant stay. All of our ships are fitted with deck space, a day room, a well-equipped kitchen, central heating, comfortable cabins and on board sanitary facilities.

Also included is a skipper and a crew mate, who will happily teach you all there is to know about sailing during your sailing trip or sailing holiday.
How you wish to spend your stay or wherever you want to sail is completely up to you; every sailing trip starts with a briefing by the skipper, in which you plan a course for the vacation together.

More information

Should you have any questions or wish to book a ship, simply contact us!