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School trip sailing

For schools who really want to give their students a field trip to remember, we suggest planning a school trip sailing on the Dutch waters.

Rederij Vooruit knows the best spots on the Wadden Sea, Lake IJssel and the Frisian Lakes and happily assists you in arranging a truly unique school trip.
Teamwork, fun and education all combined in one!

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Sailing and learning

When it comes to school trips, Rederij Vooruit always caters to your every need and wishes. Whether this concerns a project around wildlife or simply a holiday to celebrate the end of a school’s semester.
The skipper and crew will help you put together the trip’s programme and are at your disposal at all times.

Rightfully honored with the title UNESCO World Heritage, the Wadden Sea offers the perfect playground for educational projects.
Our seasoned skippers will show the students how subjects such as biology, geology and history can be connected to life at sea, illustrated by stories from their own experience. Also maths and science can be integrated into the programme; after all, skippers in the old days had to navigate by the stars!

Should you wish to alternate between sailing and on land activities, Friesland has a lot to offer.
For example, visiting the animal shelter Ecomare on Texel makes a great excursion, followed by a fascinating tour over the beaches, teaching the children about the wonders of the tides.
The casemates and bunkers on the Afsluitdijk invite you to go back in time to the Second World War, and of course the skipper will sail you to the seals chilling on the sandbank between Ameland and Terschelling!

Staying on a  ship

During the sailing trip, the students and teachers will stay in a cabin on board the ship.
All ships are fitted with comfortable beds, central heating, sanitary facilities and a fully equipped kitchen.

  Jumping of board klipper Manna - Rederij Vooruit


The costs depend on your choice of ship and the activities you wish to add to the school trip.
Rederij Vooruit will gladly help you make the ideal choices for your school trip, simply contact us for detailed information.


  • overnight stay on board
  • ship’s rent
  • crew
  • port fees
  • fuel costs
  • tourist tax

Not included

  • catering
  • costs activities
  • duvets
  • towels
  • parking costs car
  • transport to and from Harlingen
  • travel insurance
  • cancellation insurance
  • reservation costs (€ 20,00)

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