Port Grou

In the very heart of Friesland lies the village of Grou. Located near the Pik Lake and the Princess Margriet Canal, port Grou is an ideal starting point for wonderful sailing trips over the Frisian rivers. Combine your sailing adventure with a visit to one of the many historical cities and villages around the Frisian lakes, such as Sneek or Eernewoude.

From Grou, even a trip to our capital Leeuwarden is an option! So step aboard a traditional clipper or barge from Rederij Vooruit and see the beauty of Friesland with your own eyes.

The village of Grou breathes bygone times. A walk through the old town’s center shows a long history of fishing and craftsmanship, with lots of small alleys and buildings marking the scene. Its easygoing ambiance attracts many tourists in spring and summer. This Frisian village is proudly entitled two protected townscapes and dozens of national monuments. These are, of course, best seen while exploring the area by foot. Old warehouses and buildings will promise you a trip down the past and history will show itself when least expected. The very interesting museum Hert of Fryslân (Heart of Friesland) tells about local themes. Learn everything about legends such as Sint Piter and the famous Halbertsma family. To that, the Museum of Mineralogy reveals all secrets of gems and minerals. Discover how minerals originate, where they can be found and the many different kinds we know.

Grou offers entertainment for all ages, with lots of things to do and see.
Especially in summer, the village thrives on tourism and a range of family and sports events take place every year. For those who simply want to enjoy a refreshing drink or a nice meal, the many bars and restaurant will happily cater to your needs.

And when in Grou, then do not forget to step aboard one of the small ferries and follow the beautiful Pontjesroute (Ferry Route)!

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