Terschelling is the third inhabited island of the Frisian Wadden Islands. The island houses the Maritime Institute Willem Barentsz; a maritime university from 1875, providing programmes for masters, chief engineers and hydrographic surveyor.

One of the main attractions on Terschelling is the annual Oerol festival.
With thousands of theater and music lovers flocking to the island each year, Oerol has grown into the biggest cultural festival of Europe.

Visiting Ter Schelling Island

West-Terschelling is the main village on Terschelling and therefore the capital of the island. Situated between Vlieland en Ameland, the municipality counts 12 villages and a number of townships, all with their own identity and interesting sights.

Visit the many shops, bars and restaurants in picturesque places such as Midsland and Baaiduinen. Or go have a look in the crazy Museum of Wrecks (Wrakkenmuseum) in Formerum!

Nature reserve Griend is an overgrown mudflat, southwest of the island.
As the breeding ground of the largest European colony of terns, it is home to at least 10000 pairs of birds, making it a popular site for spotters.
Besides terns, various other species nest in this area, for example several types of gulls and the eider duck. The diverse landscape appeals to hikers and cyclists, with beaches and dunes stretching as far as the eye can see.

When a crate of cranberries fell from a foreign ship and washed ashore in 1845, cranberry bushes have been growing in the dune valleys since. Today, these berries form an important export product of Terschelling.

A sailing vacation to Terschelling

For those who actively want to enjoy sailing, but also wish to relax on deck every now an then, renting a ship to the Wadden Islands is our best tip! Feel free to sit back and let the skipper and crew do all the work, or help sail the ship over the Dutch waters. The captain happily invites you to hoist the sails, lift the anchor and even steer the ship yourself!

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