Rightfully nicknamed a holiday island, Ameland will not disappoint!

The picturesque villages will take you back in time and breathtaking nature promises the best setting for a walk or bicycle ride.
Also a popular activity is blokarting on the beach or renting a horse, and due to its extraordinary lighting, Ameland is a true haven for photographers.

De bruine vloot al eeuwen de beste keuze voor zeiltochten rond Ameland


Ameland is one of the inhabited Wadden Islands and like all West and East Frisian Islands, she is a unique piece of nature.
Consisting mostly of sand dunes, marshes and sloping hills, this landscape attracts nature lovers throughout the season.
The swamp nature reserve on the east, which is home to many types of exceptional birds, is also a popular place to go for spotters and wildlife enthusiasts.
Offering over 100 kilometres of paved paths across the island, cyclists and hikers will find it a true paradise indeed.

The island counts four villages; Hollum, Nes, Buren and Ballum.
A wide range of museums and sights will portray the intriguing history of the island, from the floods that washed away two villages to German troops occupying the island in the Second World War.
When visiting Ameland, we suggest going to the Ameland Museum of Nature or Nobels Nostalgic Museum.
Both combine fun with a good whip of education and promise a great day out for all ages.
But the highlight of the day surely is climbing all 236 steps of the Bornrif lighthouse!


For those who actively want to enjoy sailing, but also wish to relax on deck every now an then, renting a ship to the Wadden Islands is our best tip!
Feel free to sit back and let the skipper and crew do all the work, or help sail the ship over the Dutch waters. The captain happily invites you to hoist the sails, lift the anchor and even steer the ship yourself!


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