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When booking with Rederij Vooruit, you always get to choose the destination and sailing route of your sailing trip.
A day trip, for example, can bring you to one of the beautiful Wadden Islands, whereas a weekend, midweek or week even offers numerous possibilities to explore the German Wad.

Our clippers, barges and other traditional sailing vessels are ready to show you the best spots of the northern provinces of the Netherlands!

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Sailing in Friesland

Friesland (Land of Frisians) is one of the most breathtaking places in the Netherlands.
Known for her wide fields and rural sceneries, but famous for her great diversity in lakes and canals.

Most of our ships have little draft, meaning they are often able to go and discover places where ships with deeper draft can not go. The Frisian canals, for example, are quite easy terrain for our fleet and this will open a whole new world for sailing fanatics.

Popular amongst our guests, is a sailing trip to the Wadden Islands Ameland, Texel, Terschelling, Vlieland or Schiermonnikoog. You might even see some seals relaxing on the sandbanks between the islands!
Another sailing favourite is crossing the sluices in the famous Afsluitdijk.
You can either sail from the Wadden Sea to Lake IJssel or the other way around, while having a good look at how a sluice works.

In other words, plenty of inspiration for a day trip sailing in the Netherlands!

Activities on the Wadden Islands

Rederij Vooruit has teamed up with the event agency MooiWeer (NiceWeather), for events and onshore activities on the Wadden Island Terschelling.
How about blokarting on the beach, a trip with a horse and carriage or even challenging your friends for a friendly archery contest?


Since the very beginning, our home port has been the city of Harlingen, and the larger part of our ships set sail from here.
Should you wish to board in another harbour, such as Enkhuizen, Grou or Zoutkamp, please contact us for more information.

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