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Oerol means in Terschelling dialect means “everywhere” and is descended from an old habit of Terschelling. As previously the spring broke and the cattle could feed on the pastures outside the villages, the beasts were oerol. Oerol is the largest outdoor festival in Europe. The Oerol festival now attracts more than 50,000 visitors.

Terschelling and Oerol stage

The philosophy of Oerol is that the island of Terschelling serves as a stage and inspiration for theater producers, musicians and visual artists from home and abroad. At over 60 locations a temporary theater is realized. Beach, forest, dunes and polders are both stage and decor. In some places for tents, other performances are simply in the open air. But even in barns, boathouses or old bunkers may performances can be seen: the barn theater has become a household name. The street, the home of the festival, will certainly not be lacking in the range of performing arts which is shown annually. Add to that the many music venues in the Terschelling pubs, open-air stages on the festival grounds at Green Beach and Westerkeyn, and you slowly get an idea of ​​this unique festival. For more information and ideas about the festival Oerol please refer to the site of the oerol organization.


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