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Sailing with Rederij Vooruit

"A wonderful experience"

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Sailing Events

The Netherlands and water are one.
Whether it is in shielding us from the Waddensea or in fun and recreation.

Needless to say many activities are being planned on the water, such as sailing events like Sail Amsterdam or various festivals on the Wadden Islands.
Renting our ships means booking your stay and passage all in one.

The perfect way of experiencing Dutch events to the fullest!

Sailing races and regattas

Popular among our guests is the possibility to step aboard a participating ship during a sailing race.
We offer great all-inclusive deals for both groups and individual travelers.

With a group larger than 20 persons, it is also possible to organize your very own sailing race!
We’ll ready two or more ships, agree on a route and set sail when the horn blows.
Who will cross the finish line first?
Who will win the race?

Special sailing events

  • Vlootdag (Fleet Day)
    The official opening of the sailing season in Harlingen.

  • De Visserijdagen (The Fishing Days)
    Annual festival in the ports of Harlingen.

  • Oerol Festival
    Cultural and music festival on the island Terschelling.

  • Skûtsjesilen
    Sailing event with traditional Skûtsjes in the North of the Netherlands.

  • Brandaris Race
    Annual regatta from Harlingen to Terschelling.

  • Horizontoer
    Tour along all the Wadden Islands with upcoming artists.
  • Sail Amsterdam
    The largest sailing event in the world.

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