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Teambuilding activities

Sailing is a great way of teambuilding, so why not book a ship!

Team effort is key when sailing a 40 meter ship, hence the saying “all hands on deck”.
Our enthusiastic skippers will happily teach your team everything about sailing, such as raising the sails and navigating, and always make sure everybody is involved.

Book a traditional ship for a short weekend, a weekend, a midweek or even a week.
The ship will then serve as your hotel, a unique experience!

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Sailing on the Wadden Sea

Famous for its waters, the Netherlands is best explored with a ship!
To get to know the true meaning of sailing, set out for a trip over the Wadden Sea. With a length of over 500 kilometres of tidal zones, dunes and sandy beaches, the Wadden Sea is an impressive sight to see. Islands and marshes define the landscape, with sandbanks and wide ditches appearing when the tides come and go.
One of the most remarkable features is the Afsluitdijk (Closing Dam), which separates Lake IJssel from the Wadden Sea.

Suggestions for your trip:

  • a tour by Staatsbosbeheer (Dutch National Forest Service)
  • a lecture by the Waddenvereniging (Dutch Wadden Association)
  • kite flying on the beach
  • a bike ride on the Wadden Islands
  • sailing to the seals on the banks of the islands
  • lighting the barbecue mid sea for a dinner on deck

Staying on a  ship

During the sailing trip, you will stay in a cabin on board the ship.
All ships are fitted with comfortable beds, central heating, sanitary facilities and a fully equipped kitchen.



The costs depend on your choice of ship, optional catering wishes and activities.
Rederij Vooruit will gladly help you put together the ideal company outing, simply contact us for detailed information.


  • overnight stay on board
  • ship’s rent
  • crew
  • port fees
  • fuel costs
  • tourist tax

Not included

  • catering
  • costs activities
  • duvets
  • towels
  • parking costs car
  • transport to and from Harlingen
  • travel insurance
  • cancellation insurance
  • reservation costs (€ 20,00)

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