Oerol festival weekend deal

Weekend 10-12 of June:
Embarkation: Friday, June 10, 16.00 in Harlingen Oerol festival
Disembarkation: Sunday, June 12, 16.00 in Harlingen.

Weekend 17-19 of June:
Embarkation: Friday, June 19, 16.00 in Harlingen. 
Disembarkation: Sunday, June 21, 16.00 in Harlingen.

Friday at 16:00pm we depart from Harlingen to Terschelling.
En route to the beautiful Terschelling, you can enjoy a hot meal. When we arrive at Terschelling, you can go straight into the festivities Oerol offers. Friday and Saturday night you stay overnight on board the ship.

On both Saturday and Sunday morning we provide you with a delicious breakfast.
Naar het Oerol festival op Terschelling met een zeilschip van Rederij Vooruit 01

On Sunday we expect you back on board at 12:00 o’clock. Then it’s time to  hoist the sails again and set sail back to Harlingen.

On the way to Harlingen a delicious lunch is provided for you!

This Oerolfestival package costs € 195, – per person. This includes 2 breakfasts, Friday evening a hot meal and unlimited beer / wine / soda. You can take your bike for free (at own risk).
Quilts can be hired at € 15, – per person.

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There is a small chance that the port of Terschelling is full when we arrive and we can’t get in. Alternative, we go for anchor just outside the harbor and bring you with a small boat to the island. Until now we always got a spot the next day, but no guarantees.

Naar het Oerol festival op Terschelling met een zeilschip van Rederij Vooruit 04

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