Enjoy a few days of art, culture and music
Choose from a wide range of traditional sailing ships
A wonderful sailing weekend to Terschelling

Oerol festival Terschelling

Rederij Vooruit has a wide range of traditional sailing ships and always has a suitable accommodation for your festival party.

The ship that sails you to the island remains at your disposal during the entire period.
In addition, you are of course free to get off and on board whenever you want.
Enjoy plenty of art, culture and music on the beautiful Wadden Island of Terschelling.

An unforgettable festival

The party starts the moment you step on board in the port of Harlingen! On the way, you raise the sails together and forget the world around you for a moment. Once you arrive at Terschelling you will be carried away by the unsurpassed phenomenon called Oerol.
See also our individual package for the Oerol festival.


With Rederij Vooruit to Oerol Terschelling

There is a small chance that the harbor of Terschelling is full upon arrival and we won’t be able to dock at the island due to the busy schedule of the festival. Alternatively, we will then anchor just outside the harbor and shuttle back and forth a few times a day to bring or pick up everyone ashore. Our experience is that the next day there is usually space available in the harbor, but this cannot be guaranteed.



The cost for this package depends on the ship you choose.
On the individual ship pages you will find detailed information as well as the availability per ship.

More information

With a whole group to the Oerol festival on Terschelling?
Please feel free to contact us for detailed information.



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Oerol festival Terschelling  
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