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Family day trip

What more to wish for than a family day trip on the water!

Step aboard a traditional ship from Rederij Vooruit and let yourself get swept away by the Dutch sea and lakes, starting from the Frisian city of Harlingen.
Discover the true beauty of the Netherlands with an antique, historic vessel.

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A day on the water

Our day trips start at 9:30 AM, however different time periods are possible on request.
A short instruction on safety follows and together with the crew, a course is planned according to your wishes.
How about a stop in one of the scenic fishing villages alongside the water or visiting Vlieland, Texel or Terschelling?
You might even see seals on your way to the islands!

The captain then happily invites you to help him hoist the sails and, during the day, will show you how to perfectly sail a ship.
You will set foot ashore again around 5:30 PM.


Below deck, all ships have their own kitchen, fully equipped with everything you need to prepare your own snacks and meals.
Should you rather focus on sailing instead of cooking, then letting Rederij Vooruit take care of catering is the way to go.
Whether this concerns a simple platter of sandwiches or a lavish barbecue party on deck!

Overnight stay

For those who wish to enjoy the Netherlands a little longer, we suggest booking a ship for a short weekend, a weekend, a midweek or a week.
The ship will then serve as your hotel during your stay.

  All inclusive sailing with sailboat Koh-i-Noor - Rederij Vooruit 01


The costs depend on your choice of ship and the activities you wish to add.
Rederij Vooruit will gladly help you make the ideal choices for your family day trip, simply contact us for detailed information.


  • overnight stay on board (when booking a ship for a longer period)
  • ship’s rent
  • crew
  • port fees
  • fuel costs
  • tourist tax

Not included

  • catering
  • costs activities
  • duvets
  • towels
  • parking costs car
  • transport to and from Harlingen
  • travel insurance
  • cancellation insurance
  • reservation costs (€ 20,00)

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