Family day trip

Family day trip

Looking for a perfect family getaway?
How about taking the whole family for a sailing trip on the Waddensea, Lake IJssel and the Frisian Lakes!

Sailing is the perfect activity when stepping out for a family day. Rederij Vooruit has several ships where you can sail a wonderful day with your whole family. For the sailing you don’t need experience. Each ship has an experienced skipper and sailor who will learn you everything you need to know.

Large or small family? Sailing on the family day with Rederij Vooruit!

If you have just a small family or you are with lots of people… That’s no problem for Rederij Vooruit. Our smallest sailing boat has room for seven people during a day trip and our biggest ship even has room for 60 people on board. And would you like another day at the stick? Then you rent the sailboat just a day or two longer!

A day sail trip generally begins in the morning at 9.30 am and ends at 17.30. You can depart from various ports and also the sailing route on the family day is variable.

Ask for our suggestions for a family day sailing.

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