Learn to sail on a ship
A tailored program to specific issues
Connect sailing, leadership and dynamic collaboration

Course on working together

Frijman Siebren de Ringh makes the connection between leadership, powerful collaboration and practical onboarding.

Using a ship as a metaphor, Rederij Vooruit and Buro Frijman take your team or organization to connect the insights of sailing to leadership and dynamic collaboration.

Your team not only learns to sail on a ship, but also becomes aware of the importance behind the choices made and the principles that apply.

Buro Frijman

Frijman stands for people who are free in their thinking and actions. Precisely this way of thinking is what organizations need in order to work outside the box on the foundations of the future. The days when companies focused on progress with elaborate strategy and planning have given way to dealing creatively with today’s issues.


The ship as metaphor

In short, in sailing everything comes together.
Setting a course, having the crew in the right place, dealing with the elements and also dealing quickly and adequately with the circumstances on the high seas.

The history of seamanship is centuries old. Cooperation on a ship is a result of unprecedented learning curve, which has grown as a heritage and passed from generation to generation.

What issues, among others, will Siebren de Ringh highlight?

  • How recent global developments make powerful collaboration increasingly important to the success of your organization
  • Why powerful collaboration is quickly called inspiring, but in practice is mostly confrontational
  • The necessity of feedback
  • Which insights lead to quick steps towards powerful collaboration
  • What are the key points of the organization on the ship and how this relates to new forms of organizing

Naturally, the program can also be tailored to specific issues. In this way the goal you have in mind will always be achieved.


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A wonderful course on working together

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