About the Waddenzee

The impressive clipper Waddenzee was built as a cargo vessel in the year 1885.

When trade over water came to an end, the Waddenzee was transformed into a charter ship and joined the fleet of Rederij Vooruit in 1997.
Despite the massive overhaul, she still breathes the atmosphere of a time long gone.

Skipper and host Erik welcomes you aboard and will definitely show you the true art of sailing.
A sailing trip with the Waddenzee guarantees an adventure you will never forget!

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Aboard the Waddenzee

High railing and wide gangways surround the ship and a spacious deck area offers comfortable seating, even for large groups.
Here, you can really take in the beautiful Dutch landscape and enjoy the views over the water.

The day room supplies all sorts of entertainment, such as a radio, a CD-player, an extensive library and games.
Central heating keeps the room warm when temperatures drop, which makes her an excellent choice for those who wish to sail off-season.

You will find everything you need to make your own snacks and meals in the ship’s kitchen; a 6 burner stove, a fridge, a freezer and 2 sinks are at your disposal.
To that, the galley also provides an assortment of pots, pans, plates, cutlery, glasses and all necessary cooking utensils.
The best part? The on board bar is equipped with a beer tap!

Each cabin has its own sink with hot and cold running water, a reading light and sufficient storage space for your personal belongings.
A little port hole can be opened to let in fresh air and you can turn up central heating when it gets chilly.

In addition, the Waddenzee has 3 toilets as well as 3 showers.
This means the ship does not have to be docked in a port whenever you need to use the bathroom.

Additional information

  • home port Harlingen
  • the crew speaks Dutch, English and German


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Weekend € 3,500.00
Short Weekend € 2,990.00
Daytrip € 2,000.00
Midweek € 5,175.00
Week € 7,650.00
3 Holidays € 4,810.00
4 Holidays € 5,420.00

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Plan Waddenzee - Rederij Vooruit

Properties Waddenzee

Type Ship Clipper
Capacity 55 persons (day trip)
32 berths
Length 36.50 meter
Width 6.00 meter
Sail Surface 350.00 m²
Accommodations , , ,
Accessories , , , , , , , , , , , , ,

Waddenzee in the picture

Extra information about the Waddenzee

Port Harlingen The majority of our sailing ships set out from our home port Harlingen. Located right near the beautiful Wadden Sea, port Harlingen is the best place to start your sailing trip. With the Afsluitdijk closeby, Lake IJssel and the Frisian Lakes are easily reached as well. Step aboard our traditional ships and explore the Netherlands! Port Harlingen is the most important harbour of the province of Friesland. Around the year 1157, the monks of monastery Ludingakerke in the small village of Almenum decided to dig canals to improve the looming trade by water. This smart piece of landscaping made Ludingakerke one of the wealthiest monasteries of Friesland, which turned out to be most profitable for the nearby township of Harlinga. In 1234, Harlingen gained its city rights and 1644 saw the Dutch Admiralty move from Dokkum to the blooming Frisian harbour. Craftsmanship and industry formed the city’s main…

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Family day trip Looking for a perfect family getaway? How about taking the whole family for a sailing trip on the Wadden Sea, Lake IJssel and the Frisian Lakes! Sailing is the perfect activity when stepping out for a family day. Rederij Vooruit has several ships where you can sail a wonderful day with your whole family. For the sailing you don’t need experience. Each ship has an experienced skipper and sailor who will learn you everything you need to know. Large or small family? Sailing on the family day with Rederij Vooruit! If you have just a small family or you are with lots of people… that’s no problem for Rederij Vooruit. Our smallest sailing boat has room for seven people during a day trip and our biggest ship even has room for 60 people on board. And would you like another day at the stick? Then you rent the sailboat just a day or two longer!…

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