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The wad & sont cruiser Store Baelt was built in the year 1928 and tells a very interesting history.

First named Drittura, the ship was a sturdy motor cruiser, even having served in war.
It was during World War II that she transported cargo for the Allied Forces and Operation Neptune in 1944 saw her protecting the beaches from bombs on D-day.

Thanks to an extensive overhaul in 1994, the Store Baelt sails as an impressive charter ship today.
She proudly shows her guests the beauty of the Wadden Sea, Lake IJssel and the Frisian Lakes.

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Aboard the Store Baelt

Luxury had an absolute priority when the Store Baelt was remodelled.
On deck, for example, a bar keeps the party going and the beer tap will supply you with cold beer at all times.
A spacious seating area welcomes you to sit down and take in the spectacular views over the Wadden Sea, Lake IJssel and the Frisian Lakes.
Since a tent covers the deck when rain should fall of shadow is needed, over 90 people can enjoy the outside regardless of the weather.

The beautiful day room is decorated with a wonderful mural, together with kauri wood chess tables.
Also at your disposal is central heating and even a large plasma screen.

Each cabin has its own sink with hot and cold running water and central heating. Besides the described layout, 4 beds are deemed “inbetweens”.
You can open a port hole to let in a breeze of air and central heating keeps the room warm.

In the galley, you will find everything you need to make your own meals, such as a stove, an oven, a coffee machine and all necessary cooking utensils.

The Store Baelt has on board sanitary facilities; 3 toilets and 4 showers.

But the best part of the Store Baelt must be the sauna!

Additional information

  • home port Harlingen
  • the crew speaks Dutch. English and German
  • barbecue on board
  • fryer on board
  • sauna on board


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Weekend € 4,160.00
Short Weekend € 3,800.00
Daytrip € 3,000.00
Midweek € 5,990.00
Week € 8,395.00
3 Holidays € 5,400.00
4 Holidays € 6,760.00

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Properties Store Baelt

Type Ship Wad & sont cruiser
Capacity 50 persons (day trip)
36 berths
Length 36.00 meter
Width 7.00 meter
Sail Surface 450.00 m²
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Accessories , , , , , , , , , , ,

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Extra information about the Store Baelt

Port Harlingen The majority of our sailing ships set out from our home port Harlingen. Located right near the beautiful Wadden Sea, port Harlingen is the best place to start your sailing trip. With the Afsluitdijk closeby, Lake IJssel and the Frisian Lakes are easily reached as well. Step aboard our traditional ships and explore the Netherlands! Port Harlingen is the most important harbour of the province of Friesland. Around the year 1157, the monks of monastery Ludingakerke in the small village of Almenum decided to dig canals to improve the looming trade by water. This smart piece of landscaping made Ludingakerke one of the wealthiest monasteries of Friesland, which turned out to be most profitable for the nearby township of Harlinga. In 1234, Harlingen gained its city rights and 1644 saw the Dutch Admiralty move from Dokkum to the blooming Frisian harbour. Craftsmanship and industry formed the city’s main…

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