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The two-masted clipper Mermaid is a very beautiful ship. Experience authentic sailing with klipper Mermaid. Sailing is the perfect way to relax. The Waddensea with its eternal game of clouds, wind and water ensures that guests can relax and enjoy sailing.Klipper Mermaid was built in 1908. After an extensive renovation, the Mermaid has been a part of the Rederij Vooruit fleet since 1990. The home port is Harlingen.The ship has a very good layout of 12 x 2 and 2 x 3 double cabins with two showers and two toilets. Behind the day room you’ll find 5x 2 double cabins and 1 three-person cabin. In the back there are 7x 2 double cabins and 1 three-person cabin.Whether you want to spend a day, weekend or week sailing clipper Mermaid, this is a guaranteed success. Check out our packages and events.

The Mermaid is during the winter located in Kampen. Boattrips from Kampen are possible in this period and the ship can be used as a hotel ship.


On deck is a spacious cockpit with sofas and a dining / card table, high railing with wide sidewalks and plenty of deck space.
The Mermaid is also highly suitable for the elderly travel.

In the ship’s day room is present:

A cozy common room with beer pump, heating, radio, CD player, DVD player, TV, library board, games and wifi (on request).

Crew speaks German, English and Dutch.

In the galley: 6 large cooking flame, extractor hood, a large oven, two sinks, two refrigerators of 180 liters and a freezer of approximately 80 liters, assorted pots and pans, cutlery, crockery and glasses. You can take care of yourself.

Aboard each ship its mattresses, mattress covers, pillows and pillowcases. You need to bring a sleeping bag. In all cabins are sinks with hot and cold running water, central heating, reading lamps and ample storage space.


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Weekend € 3,090.00
Short Weekend € 2,800.00
Daytrip € 1,900.00
Midweek € 4,700.00
Week € 6,950.00
3 Holidays € 4,550.00
4 Holidays € 5,160.00

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Plan Mermaid - Rederij Vooruit

Properties Mermaid

Type Ship Clipper
Capacity 45 persons (day trip)
30 berths
Length 36.00 meter
Width 6.20 meter
Sail Surface 350.00 m²
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Extra information about the Mermaid

Port Harlingen The majority of our sailing ships set out from our homeport Harlingen. Located right near the beautiful Waddensea, port Harlingen is the best place to start your sailing trip. With the Afsluitdijk closeby, Lake IJssel and the Frisian Lakes are easily reached as well. Step aboard our traditional ships and explore the Netherlands! Port Harlingen is the most important harbour of the province of Friesland. Around the year 1157, the monks of monastery Ludingakerke in the small village of Almenum decided to dig canals to improve the looming trade by water. This smart piece of landscaping made Ludingakerke one of the wealthiest monasteries of Friesland, which turned out to be most profitable for the nearby township of Harlinga. In 1234, Harlingen gained its city rights and 1644 saw the Dutch Admiralty move from Dokkum to the blooming Frisian harbour. Craftsmanship and industry formed the city’s main business. Numerous…

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Travel tips for weektrip sailing: suggestions from various ports Here follow some routes which we can make from our home ports. All routes depend on weather and wind. The captain will be happy to advise and assist you in your daily naval council meeting. Sailing from Harlingen Sunday Meeting the boat and the crew Monday Harlingen – Vlieland Tuesday Vlieland – Texel Wednesday Sailing to Medemblik or to Enkhuizen Thursday Sailing to Workum Friday Workum – Makkum Saturday Makkum – Terschelling Sunday Back to Harlingen, saying goodbyes Sailing from Den Oever Sunday Meeting the boat and the crew Monday Den Oever – Enkhuizen Tuesday Enkhuizen – Lelystad (possibly a visit to the Batavia wharf and the shopping center) Wednesday Lelystad – Workum Thursday Workum – Terschelling Friday Terschelling – Vlieland Saturday Vlieland – Den Helder Sunday Back to Den Oever, saying goodbyes Sailing from Zoutkamp Sunday Boarding at 20.00u Monday…

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