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About the Gouden Bodem

The klipper Gouden Bodem was built in 1903. After an extensive renovation in 1980, the Gouden Bodem Rederij Vooruit in use as a passenger ship sailing on the IJsselmeer and the Waddensea. The home port is Harlingen.

In 1994 the Gouden Bodem was renovated for the second time. The entire vessel has been rebuilt. Gouden Bodem is a beautiful klipper with good equipment. A wonderfully comfortable and spacious vessel with a very good layout of 4 x 2 and 2 x 4 cabins. Whether the group is a school, friends or whatever for companionship, enjoy along with skipper Meent Land on a sailing trip that you will not soon forget.


The ship’s crew speaks: Dutch, German and English

On deck is a high railing and there are fairly wide side decks, there is a sitting area on deck and there is plenty of deck space.

In the ship’s lounge:
Central heating, music system to operate with Bluetooth, library board, various ship games, a guitar, 220 volts.

In the galley:
4 large cooking flames, oven, double sink, refrigerator approximately 100 liters, various pots and pans, cutlery, crockery and glasses available. You can take care of yourself on board of all ships.

In the ship’s cabins:
On board of each ship there are mattresses, mattress covers, pillows and pillowcases. You just need to bring a sleeping bag. In all cabins have sinks with running water, both cold and hot, CV, reading lights and ample storage space.


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Weekend € 1,950.00
Short Weekend € 1,650.00
Daytrip € 1,210.00
Midweek € 2,620.00
Week € 3,900.00
3 Holidays € 2,500.00
4 Holidays € 2,875.00

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Properties Gouden Bodem

Type Ship Clipper
Capacity 26 persons (day trip)
16 berths
Length 24.00 meter
Width 5.00 meter
Sail Surface 220.00 m²
Accommodations , , ,
Accessories , , , , , , ,

Gouden Bodem in the picture

Extra information about the Gouden Bodem

Port Harlingen The majority of our sailing ships set out from our homeport Harlingen. Located right near the beautiful Waddensea, port Harlingen is the best place to start your sailing trip. With the Afsluitdijk closeby, Lake IJssel and the Frisian Lakes are easily reached as well. Step aboard our traditional ships and explore the Netherlands! Port Harlingen is the most important harbour of the province of Friesland. Around the year 1157, the monks of monastery Ludingakerke in the small village of Almenum decided to dig canals to improve the looming trade by water. This smart piece of landscaping made Ludingakerke one of the wealthiest monasteries of Friesland, which turned out to be most profitable for the nearby township of Harlinga. In 1234, Harlingen gained its city rights and 1644 saw the Dutch Admiralty move from Dokkum to the blooming Frisian harbour. Craftsmanship and industry formed the city’s main business. Numerous…

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Wind, sea and sun are the ingredients for a great day of sailing.  A day of sailing on a sailboat begins at 9:30am and ends at 5:30pm. Of course these times can be modified following consultation.  The prices of the different ships can be found in the price overview under the ‘day trip’ column. Below you will find several options to meet your needs for a day of sailing! Suggested sailing daytrips A day of sailing from Harlingen The day of sailing begins around 9:30am in Harlingen. After being greeted by the skipper, you will receive a brief explanation of the safety rules onboard. You will sail out of the estuary toward the locks of the Afsluitdijk (Kornwerderzand) and into the Ijsselmeer. At about 2:45pm will we walk around Makkum, a beautiful old sailing village. Once everyone is back on board the ship we’ll sail through the lock into the…

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