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The impressive barge Eendracht (Unity) was built in Kampen, in 1900, and started her career as a transport vessel.
She was later rebuilt for sailing as a charter ship and serves as a floating holiday home since.

In january 2013, a dream came true for skippers Roos and Maurits, when they became the proud owners of the Eendracht.
They more than welcome you aboard this stunning ship for a sailing trip over the Wadden Sea, Lake IJssel or the Frisian Lakes.

Discover your world by sailing!

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Aboard the Eendracht

To fully take in the beautiful scenery, the deck is the best spot on the ship.
Soft cushions add to your comfort and a tent covers the deck when rain should fall of shadow is needed.

The light and open day room welcomes all to sit back and enjoy a drink, while looking back on a great day on the water.
Also available in the day room are Whenever it is too cold inside, the central heating and wood stove will make sure there is a pleasant temperature below deck.
This makes the Eendracht an excellent choice for off-season sailing trips through the ever changing Dutch landscape.

Each cabin has its own sink with running water, a reading light and all beds are made with a duvet.
To that, a small port hole can be opened to let in a breeze of air and central heating keeps the room warm.

In the galley, you will find everything you need to make your own meals, such as a large stove, an oven, a fridge, a small freezer, al lot of storage space and all necessary utensils.
But those who do not feel like cooking, can easily fire up the grill for a relaxed and fun meal on deck!

The Eendracht has on board sanitary facilities; 2 toilets and 1 shower.

Additional information

  • home port Enkhuizen
  • the crew speaks Dutch, English and German
  • duvets included
  • barbecue
  • sailing suits
  • (money) safe


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Weekend € 2,670.00
Short Weekend € 2,240.00
Daytrip € 1,840.00
Midweek € 3,825.00
Week € 4,520.00
3 Holidays € 3,580.00
4 Holidays € 4,400.00

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Properties Eendracht

Type Ship Tjalk
Capacity 24 persons (day trip)
16 berths
Length 27.00 meter
Width 5.30 meter
Sail Surface 285.00 m²
Accommodations , , ,
Accessories , , , , , , , , , , ,

Eendracht in the picture

Extra information about the Eendracht

Port Enkhuizen Enkhuizen is a city in the province of North-Holland. This picturesque city is not far from the Houtribdijk; a large dam separating Lake IJssel from the Marker Lake. Perfectly situated along Lake IJssel, the city makes an ideal starting point for your sailing trip, to which even a tour to the Wadden Sea and the Frisian Lakes is possible. And even though most of our ships set sail from home port Harlingen, you can also board in this beautiful port. Growing from a fishing village mainly fishing on herring, Enkhuizen soon gained her city rights in 1356. The city was blooming and in the 17th and 18th century, the VOC (Dutch East India Company), as the biggest trading company worldwide, even held office in Enkhuizen. Also the West Indian Company was settled here, which saw the city rise to great wealth. A walk through the city tells us…

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