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The beautiful clipper barge Anna Catharina first touched water at a shipyard in the village of Zwartsluis.
Built as a one-masted transporter of peat in 1914, she gained two masts in 1981 and got turned into a charter ship.

Little draft makes the Anna Catharina the ideal ship to go and discover places where ships with deeper draft can not go.
Canals for example are easy terrain for this boat and will open a whole new world for sailing fanatics.

Skipper Gerard Hulst literally knows everything about the Eastern Wad and will happily tell you all about the waters surrounding Groningen.
With Gerard as your guide and host, your trip without a doubt will be one to remember!

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Aboard the Anna Catharina

Its signature seating area and large deck make it one of the most popular ships of the fleet, perfectly suitable for all ages.
The homely day room offers plenty of room to sit back and relax. Here a stereo set and cd-player will also set the mood.
Besides central heating supplying warmth, a special touch was added when a wood stove was placed.

All cabins have their own sink with running water, central heating, a reading light and storage space.
The comfortable beds are made with mattress covers, pillows and pillow cases.
Duvets can be rented at Rederij Vooruit for € 15,00 a piece, or simply bring your own sleeping bag.

The kitchen is fitted with all the needs to cook and prepare your own meals.
A large gas stove, a fridge, a freezer unit, a big oven, a coffee machine and cooking utensils such as pots and pans are available for use.
In addition, tableware and cutlery are to be found in the galley as well.

Also for your convenience are on board sanitary facilities, meaning the ship does not have to be docked in a harbour when nature calls.
Below deck you will find 2 toilets and 2 showers.

Additional information

  • home port Harlingen and Zoutkamp
  • the crew speaks Dutch, English and German


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Weekend € 2,320.00
Short Weekend € 1,825.00
Daytrip € 1,540.00
Midweek € 3,330.00
Week € 4,970.00
3 Holidays € 3,100.00
4 Holidays € 3,670.00

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Properties Anna Catharina

Type Ship Klipperaak
Capacity 28 persons (day trip)
20 berths
Length 27.00 meter
Width 5.10 meter
Sail Surface 280.00 m²
Accommodations , , ,
Accessories , , , , , , , , , , ,

Anna Catharina in the picture

Extra information about the Anna Catharina

Port Zoutkamp While most of our ships set out from home port Harlingen, boarding your ship in port Zoutkamp is also an option. Located in the province of Groningen, Zoutkamp offers numerous possibilities for great sailing trips on the Wadden Sea and the German Wads. Zoutkamp often serves as a starting point for cruises to the Wadden Islands Ameland and Schiermonnikoog, since these islands can only be visited during overnight sailing trips when sailing from Harlingen. But mostly, our guests favour port Zoutkamp for the beautiful nature reserve and protected area Lauwers Lake. The diverse wildlife, plants and landscape will captivate you and definitely add to a memorable holiday. The village of Zoutkamp holds a rich history. Having served as a defence system in the Eighty Years’ War, it later gained importance in fishing. A booming fishermen’s haven until 1960, Zoutkamp proved its value in shrimp-fishing. Today however, the sea…

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