Port Zoutkamp

While most of our ships set out from home port Harlingen, boarding your ship in port Zoutkamp is also an option.

Located in the province of Groningen, Zoutkamp offers numerous possibilities for great sailing trips on the Wadden Sea and the German Wads. Zoutkamp often serves as a starting point for cruises to the Wadden Islands Ameland and Schiermonnikoog, since these islands can only be visited during overnight sailing trips when sailing from Harlingen.

But mostly, our guests favour port Zoutkamp for the beautiful nature reserve and protected area Lauwers Lake. The diverse wildlife, plants and landscape will captivate you and definitely add to a memorable holiday.

The village of Zoutkamp holds a rich history. Having served as a defence system in the Eighty Years’ War, it later gained importance in fishing. A booming fishermen’s haven until 1960, Zoutkamp proved its value in shrimp-fishing. Today however, the sea no longer reaches the banks of the village, as the North Sea Flood of 1953 forced authorities to close off the Lauwers Sea in 1969. This saw the birth of a spectacular natural area known as National Park Lauwers Lake, to which lots of tourists seek relaxing refuge throughout the year. This national park is very popular amongst bird spotters, nature lovers and photographers. Especially when the late evening sun shines her rays, the many different bird species are a breathtaking sight to see.

During the Second World War, Zoutkamp was occupied by German soldiers. After the war, the majority of the houses were left destroyed and grew declined to ruins over the years. Local authorities then decided to completely redevelop the entire centre of the village. This resulted in a fairly modern townscape with only few historic buildings.

Despite this drastic renovation, the village of Zoutkamp still takes you back to old times. A walk around the harbour reminds us of life at sea and the hardships that came along with it.

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