Port Enkhuizen

Enkhuizen is a city in the province of North-Holland. This picturesque city is not far from the Houtribdijk; a large dam separating Lake IJssel from the Marker Lake.

Perfectly situated along Lake IJssel, the city makes an ideal starting point for your sailing trip, to which even a tour to the Wadden Sea and the Frisian Lakes is possible. And even though most of our ships set sail from home port Harlingen, you can also board in this beautiful port.

Growing from a fishing village mainly fishing on herring, Enkhuizen soon gained her city rights in 1356. The city was blooming and in the 17th and 18th century, the VOC (Dutch East India Company), as the biggest trading company worldwide, even held office in Enkhuizen. Also the West Indian Company was settled here, which saw the city rise to great wealth. A walk through the city tells us of international trade with the Baltic States, England, West-Africa and the Indies. The defence tower Drommedaris, the city’s fortification and impressive buildings in the centre serve as silent witnesses of history.

Today, Enkhuizen is one of the hotspots of Lake IJssel. Offering a wide range of good restaurants, bars and shops, lots of tourists choose to visit the city during their holidays. The many sights and attractions add to it as well, with the Zuiderzeemuseum being the most popular. This open air museum show bygone life around the sea in numerous exhibitions and displays. Reconstructed buildings and even entire rebuilt villages will take you back to a time where the Zuiderzee still exists.

Don’t forget to visit theme park Sprookjeswonderland and the fun Museum of Bottled Ships!

Like all water in the Netherlands, the ones surrounding Enkhuizen are often used for all types of water sports. Also several sailing races start in Enkhuizen every year, the most prominent being the Klipperrace. Those who want to experience sailing at its best, are welcome to book our special sailing race deal!

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