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How do I book a ship?
You can book a ship either by phone on 0031 -88-7333 745 or by sending us an e-mail via info@rederij-vooruit.nl.

How can I check a ship’s availability?
All of our ships have their own page on which you can check the availability.

What does it cost to rent a ship?
All of our ships have their own page on which you can check what it costs to rent the ship in question.
You can also check all prices here.

What is included in rental costs?
The ship’s rent includes a skipper, a mate and all additional costs, such as port fees, sluice costs, fuel, tourist costs and VAT.

What is not included in rental costs?
Not included in rental costs are reservation costs, catering, additional activities, duvets, towels, cleaning, parking costs and transport from your home to the port of departure.
Also not included are your personal insurances, such as a travel insurance and a cancellation insurance.

With the exception of the ships Ouderzorg and Eendracht, cleaning is not included.
You can choose to take care of this yourself, or let Rederij Vooruit do the cleaning.

Ships up to 20 persons – € 105,00
Ships up to 25 persons – € 115,00
Ships up to 34 persons – € 135,00

Can I get an off-season discount?
20% discount – off a booking between 1/11/2019 and 20/12/2019
20% discount – off a booking between 1/1/2020 and 15/3/2020
10% discount – off a booking between 15/3/2020 and 28/4/2020
10% discount – off a booking between 15/9/2020 and 25/10/2020
20% discount – off a booking between 25/10/2020 and 20/12/2020

Can I take an option on a ship?
You can take an option on a ship without any obligations.
We will keep your ship in option for 10 days at the latest.

How does a booking work from start to finish?
When you book a ship, you will receive of this the rental contract, a copy of the rental contract and the invoice by mail as well as e-mail.
To finalise your booking, please return to us a signed copy of the contract either by e-mail, fax or using the enclosed return envelope.

How do I cancel a booking?
You can cancel your booking either by e-mail, fax, phone or mail.

Compensation ship:
15% – after booking
20% – to 5 months prior to departure
30% – to 4 months prior to departure
40% – to 3 months prior to departure
50% – to 2 months prior to departure
75% – to 1 month prior to departure
90% – to 1 day prior to departure
100% – on day of departure

Compensation catering and additional services:
15% – to 2 months prior to departure
25% – to 1 month prior to departure
50% – to 2 weeks prior to departure
75% – to 1 week prior to departure
95% – to 1 day prior to departure
100% – on day of departure


How safe are traditional charter ships?
Throughout the years, all of our ships have been renovated and remodelled to meet the highest standards in safety.
A thorough inspection by the Netherlands Shipping Inspectorate (NSI) occurs once every two years, insuring that any possible defects are to be fixed.
As a matter of course, all of our skippers have all legally required certificates in sailing.

Are the ships wheelchair accessible?
The majority of the ships feature a seating area on deck and offer sufficient space for guests that are confined to a wheelchair.
The ships, however, are not supplied with a lifting tackle and disabled guests have to be carried on board from the quay.
To that, on board are many narrow corridors and stairs, which means that disabled guests may find themselves uncomfortable in moving around. 

Are dogs permitted on board?
Some skippers have dogs of their own and do not mind when you want to take your dog along.
In order to prevent any conflict, we suggest to ask us whether dogs are permitted on your ship or not.

What facilities can I expect on board?
All ships are equipped with a day room, comfortable cabins, a kitchen and sanitary facilities.
The interior and accessoires may vary per ship, you can check full details on the individual pages.

Can I bring my own electrical devices?
Even small electrical devices, such as a hair dryer or a hair straightener, use up a lot of power.
To not needlessly waste any power, we suggest leaving these at home.
However, charging your mobile phone, photo camera or shaving device is no problem at all.

What if I need First Aid or an accident occurs?
All of our skippers have all legally required certificates in sailing, inclusing First Aid.

Do the ships have life vests on board?
A life vest is available for every passenger on board.
Should children travel along, please notify us in time, as children’s life vests have to be brought on board seperately.

Sailing trip

What are the rental periods?
Day trip
9:30 AM to 5:30 PM

Short weekend
Friday 5 PM to Saturday 5 PM
Saturday 5 PM to Sunday 5 PM

Friday 8 PM to Sunday 5 PM

Weekend Royale
Friday 5 PM (sailing on Friday included) to Sunday 5 PM

Sunday 8 PM to Friday 3 PM

Sunday 8 PM to Sunday 3 PM
Friday 8 PM to Friday 3 PM

Where do I board my ship?
Our home port is the city of Harlingen, but other ports are possible on request.

Where can I park my car?
Harlingen offers a lot of car parks and parking space for you to leave your car.
On this page you can find all information about parking in Harlingen.

Which route are we going to sail?
During a sailing trip with Rederij Vooruit, you get to decide where you want to go yourself!
The skipper will help you plan the route and programme and can give you the best tips to fully explore the Dutch see and lakes.

Is it possible to board earlier than the set periods?
Boarding earlier is possible when the ship’s sailing schedule and cleaning time happen to coordinate.
We can not guarantee the possibility of an early boarding, guests can not claim the right to this option.

We sail on Monday, is it possible to already board on Sunday?
When booking a midweek, we offer our guests early boarding on Sunday at 8 PM and a free overnight stay.
Should you wish to sail on Sunday, then an additional fee is charged.

What should I bring?

  • sleeping bag
  • towels
  • kitchen towels
  • washing liquid
  • garbage disposal bags
  • toilet paper
  • rubber sole shoes
  • clothing for warm days
  • clothing for cold days
  • rain gear
  • sunscreen
  • personal belongings
  • passport

Due to limited storage space in the cabins, we ask you to pack a sports bag rather than a suitcase.

What kind of clothing should I pack?
The elements at sea can be as treacherous as the Dutch weather.
We suggest bringing clothes for warm days as well as cold, and at least a jacket and rubber sole shoes.

Can I get seasick on a traditional ship?
You do not have to worry about seasickness on a ship.
Traditional sailing ships are built to sail hanging over one side, which prevents the ship from making the swinging motions that cause seasickness.
Should you be sensitive to motion, you can buy motion sickness pills at the drugstore.


Can I make my own meals on board?
All ships are fitted with a kitchen, where you can find everything you need to make your own meals.
Here, all necessary cooking utensils, such as pans, plates, glasses and cutlery are at your disposal, as well as a stove and a fridge.
Some ships have additional accessoires, like an oven, a freezer unit or coffee machine.
You can check all accessoires on the individual pages of the ships.

Where can I do my groceries?
The supermarkets Albert Heijn, Jumbo, Plus and Poiesz in Harlingen are open from Monday to Saturday, from 8 AM to 9 PM.
On Sunday, most of the supermarkets are open from 12 M to 6 PM.
Supermarket Poiesz offers an excellent grocery service, where your groceries are collected and put together for pick up or delivery on board.
You can order your groceries either online or by phone.

Can Rederij Vooruit take care of catering during our sailing trip?
Should you not feel like cooking, then Rederij Vooruit will happily take care of all catering for you.
Whether it concerns a simple lunch or even a tasty buffet on board, simply let us know and we will make sure all catering will be carried out according to your wishes.

Can I drink the water from the ship’s tap?
Each ship has sufficient water on board to drink and to use in the sanitary facilities.
All water tanks are flushed and cleaned every week.

Does the ship have a beer tap?
Some of our ships are equipped with a beer tap.
Should your ship of choice not have a beer tap on board, then Rederij Vooruit can supply you with a portable tap.
You can order kegs of beer (30 litres) beforehand for € 100,00 a piece, these will be brought on board prior to departure.
Should you order beer at our company, then rent for both the tap and CO2 will not be charged.

Is it allowed to barbecue on the ship?
By far the most popular amongst our guests is the barbecue on board.
The gas barbecue and all needs to grill, along with the requested amount of menus stored in cooling boxes, will be delivered on board prior to departure.
This way you can turn on the grill whenever you like, even on open water.
For this unique type of cook-it-yourself dinner, we offer a rich choice in menus.

Where does the crew eat?
The crew would happily like to eat along with you, to take this into consideration is much appreciated.
When booking a sailing deal, you are not required to prepare meals for the crew.


Is it possible for Rederij Vooruit to arrange bus transport to and from the Netherlands?
Rederij Vooruit offers an excellent bus service to and from Harlingen.
For this service, we have teamed up with a certified bus company, driving only licensed busses that will guarantee you comfort and class every time.


Which insurances should I purchase?
All ships are insured based on an all-risk insurance coverage.
You can choose to purchase a travel insurance, should your policy not cover this. We also offer the option to purchase a travel insurance via our partner Europeesche Verzekeringen.

For more information on insurances, simply contact Rederij Vooruit or Europeesche Verzekeringen.

What does the quality mark SGR mean for me?
SGR is the Dutch guarantee fund for prepaid travel money, that protects consumers against financial loss in case their tour operator or travel agent ceases its operations due to its financial failure on package travel and linked travel arrangements.
Under its guarantee scheme, SGR covers package travel, accommodation booked separately and transport booked separately, except airline tickets booked separately.


What are the terms of payment?
Payments for the ship’s rent are to be made in three terms.
When booking a ship anywhere between 6 weeks to the day of departure, we ask you to transfer the invoice amount in one term.

What are the terms of payment for catering?
The payment for catering is to be made in one term.

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